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  • The module is based on extensive exploration of the esp8266 system chip from expressif.
  • WiFi nodem esp8266 + for nodemcu board 8MB, compatible.
  • 8MB of memory size. This project is a better center.
  • TTL serial USB car converter cp2102, with mini USB socket.
  • DC power is 4 ~ 9V, VIN pin.
  • Pin head 2.54mm (0.1) × 2 lines in 15-pin setting.
  • It features WiFi access points and integrated stations + microcontroller and simple programming language using lua language.
  • The modern esp8266 + 8MB offers: arduin0-like hardware IO. arduin0 CAN Programming IDE and Event-Driven Network Application APIs for D0 ~ D10 10 PWM Features GPIO and SPI, IIC Communication, A0,1 Line and ADC are all on one board (can use wifi network as access point and / Or station A, the host server is connected to the Internet), or uploaded to fetch data. CAN installed to breadboard

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